Chart of Accounts
– Group accounts appropriately
– Segregate, segregate, segregate
• Direct from Indirect
• One Indirect from another Indirect (G&A from
• Unallowable from Allowable

Accumulate indirect costs by logical cost
– G&A
– Overhead
– Fringes
• Allocate grouping by a base that makes sense
for that whole grouping

JAMIS Prime ERP is simply the most intuitive and agile Cloud ERP solution for government contractors, offering integration across all key components of your business. JAMIS Prime enables you to leverage the cloud not only to connect with your mobile workforce, but also with customers and other value chain businesses on web-enabled devices of every kind.

All JAMIS Prime ERP application suites include reporting/dashboards, document management, advanced security and integration with Microsoft Office features. The integrated document management system allows you to keep business plans, policies, forecasts and procedures online and associate them with ERP transactions to deliver a complete view of your business. JAMIS Prime ERP comprises the following application suites:

  • Finance/Project Accounting Suite
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Business Planning/Forecasting Suite
  • Distribution Suite
  • Human Capital Management Suite
  • CRM
  • Fixed Asset Module