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JAMIS Conversion Services

SDL has been implementing JAMIS software and working with JAMIS and JAMIS clients since 2007 and has helped many clients move from one version of the product to another over those years. Here are two conversions that are relevant today that we are helping our clients with:

Classic to Prime

JAMIS Classic has been a stable government contract accounting solution for over 20 years, and still maintains a lot of happy customers. It is the trust in a feature rich job-cost and job billing system, and the people who support it, that cause customers to want to stay in the JAMIS Family. But for those who can’t help wanting the added accessibility and user friendliness that a cloud-based solution offers, SDL can help your company transition from JAMIS Classic to JAMIS Prime.

Did you know that there is no longer a GL Interface in Prime? Or that a CLIN is now called a Billing Rule? Or that extraction of an invoice is now accomplished by processing a billing batch to see real time results? SDL does!

SDL started out implementing JAMIS Classic, and are therefore able to translate processes for customers, making the implementation seem less scary and unknown. We treat the transition to JAMIS Prime as a new implementation, rather than an upgrade, encouraging your company to reevaluate processes and procedures in order to fully utilize the additional features that JAMIS Prime offers. We are able to use our past experience with JAMIS Classic to speak a similar language and help define the road map from one product to the next.

5.3 to 6.1

JAMIS Software recently released an exciting new version of its Prime ERP software suite. JAMIS Prime 6.1 contains many enhancements that will improve its customers’ processes and decision-making, including the following areas:

  • Dashboards and reporting, including trend and scorecard KPI capabilities, full Power BI integration, and built-in pivot tables
  • Subcontract Management
  • Employee and Labor Management
  • Business Planning Performance Enhancements
  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Accounts Payable Workflow
  • Overall System-Wide Enhancements

Upgrading to the new version is an exciting step for JAMIS clients, but the conversion requires preparation and a thorough review of the current site map, processes, and reports prior to the conversion, and a tune-up after the conversion to ensure the system is operating at an optimal level and maximizing the value of the new functionality. SDL Consulting, a trusted partner of JAMIS for over 10 years, has worked closely with JAMIS developers and support staff during the 6.1 release process, and has created a program geared specifically to easing the transition. Our 6-point program includes:

  1. Overview and discovery of additional capabilities- determining what would be helpful to your company
  2. Development of a test site for use in processing test transactions and analyzing output
  3. Site map, roles and inquiry review for duplications and data tables that are no longer functioning
  4. Transition of assignment and approval maps
  5. Installation of updated dashboards, reports and inquiries
  6. End user training on additional functionalities

Upon completion of the conversion, we will do a thorough review of the site map, work flows and reports and ensure the system is tuned and ready to support your business