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JAMIS Tune-up

Over time, it’s possible for a system to slowly begin to perform less than optimally. Perhaps short cuts are taken, or new processes are not implemented in the best way. Like a car, it just begins to run a bit roughly. The purpose of the JAMIS Tune-Up is to determine how effectively a company is utilizing the JAMIS software and its various components and provide recommendations for actions to ensure the system’s performance is being optimized – running like a well-oiled machine, so-to-speak. We use a 5-step approach to accomplish this:

    Phase 1

  1. Discovery
  2. Diagnostics
  3. Process Mapping
  4. Phase 2

  5.  Remediating Actions
  6. Streamlining

After Phase 1, SDL will provide a diagnostic scorecard directing you to non-functioning or under-performing areas and corrective action plan to address those areas. In Phase 2, SDL will work to correct and improve the identified areas and will provide an engagement report with a log of actions taken and outcomes achieved. In this way you can be sure that JAMIS Prime is hitting on all cylinders.