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Client Focused Solutions

One of the things that sets SDL apart is that we take the time to:

Learn your business: your contracts and contract vehicles, your organization, your billing and revenue practices,

Learn your strategies: what it is that sets you apart. And we ensure that the systems and work flows are configured to support and enhance those things that you already do well and improve or eliminate the bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Systems Implementation and Conversion

We believe that using separate systems within each department leads to inefficiencies, preventing your company from growing into its full potential. Transitioning to a new system is always stressful. We will work with your firm's accounting, human resources and management to help you transition your back office systems (accounting, contracts, HR, management reporting, budget and forecasting) to an integrated, industry standard, and we specialize in JAMIS Prime Implementations.

Different from other implementers, we request access to your current systems so that we can do the “heavy lifting” of data mining and design, without asking current, busy staff to stop what they are doing and provide data. In this manner, we accomplish a turn-key implementation quickly and with less stress. We focus on rapid invoicing, effective management reporting and staff training.