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We believe that using separate systems within each department leads to inefficiencies, preventing your company from growing into its full potential. We will work with your firm's accounting, human resources and management teams to help you transition your back-office systems (accounting, contracts, HR, management reporting, budget and forecasting) into one integrated ERP system.

We specialize in JAMIS Prime Implementations and have successfully implemented all modules of this comprehensive ERP system for over 80 clients. Unlike many implementers, we take the time to truly understand your business. We request documentation and information upfront, which we take time to review, so we approach your implementation with an existing foundation of knowledge on your company’s needs. But we don’t stop there, because a JAMIS Prime implementation isn’t just about setting up an accounting system to meet your existing needs. Instead we look to where and how you WANT to be operating and help determine the best way to leverage the system to get you there.

Our breadth of prior experience has also allowed us to identify key best practices, including processes and output. From this, we developed the JAMIS Smart Start implementation- where we provide a pre-configured JAMIS Prime system, accompanied by a requirements document that outlines all of the configurations and decisions along with SDL-developed work instructions. In this manner, we accomplish a turn-key implementation quickly and with less stress. We focus on rapid invoicing, effective management reporting and staff training.

Here’s a look at the phases of a JAMIS Prime implementation project:


Introductions are made, roles and responsibilities are identified, and major milestone dates are established.


Two-way discovery - Clients are participating in master file training, effectively ‘discovering’ how to maintain their data in JAMIS Prime. And SDL is taking a deep dive into the customer’s current practices, focusing not just on where they are now, but where they want to end up. It culminates in an in-person discovery session, where we document the requirements for system configuration.


Two-way configuration - Starting with SDL’s configuration of the customer’s database, using the knowledge and decisions gained during discovery. Once complete, customers begin configuring their master files.  This phase includes one of the two major hurdles for the customer:  the configuration of their WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).

Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

Customer is trained on transactional processing in JAMIS Prime.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Where the fun begins! Customers will use the knowledge they gained from the CRP, along with all of the good work they’ve completed in the configuration phase, to start testing their database. Includes mirroring inputs for a defined period of time and then analyzing the outputs.


Double checking that we’ve dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s - Confirming that the customers’ knowledge and their database are in a good state to go live


All systems are go! The system is made available for all employees and back office staff to use and access.  Timecards, expense reports and all other transactions should now be entered in Prime!

Post Go-Live Activities

Focus is on data conversion. Customer feeds SDL beginning balances from the legacy system and cumulative contract data. The second major hurdle is here- and that is loading and reconciling all of the CUBCUR (catch up billing and catch up revenue)- this is the cumulative contract data.  

Finish Line

The customer is working to close their first month in Prime. This includes reconciling payroll, processing billing and revenue, allocations, actual rate calculations, and month end reconciliations which all lead to producing your monthly reports.

Post Implementation

It’s not goodbye but see ya later! At this point, SDL will validate that the customer is a knowledgeable user of JAMIS Prime and is ready to be turned over to JAMIS Support. This effectively ends the implementation, but SDL is always available for follow-on JAMIS Prime assistance!

JAMIS Prime Products

Financial Management & Project Accounting

Time & Expense Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Asset Management

Contract Management

Business Planning

Distribution Management

Dashboards & Business Intelligence

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks Stephanie, for everything. You and Rhonda have been a tremendous help to our cause.”

Kiyonte Smith, Accountant, Public Strategies, Inc.

"SDL Consulting has provided exceptional support to Atlas Executive Consulting, bringing a detailed knowledge of JAMIS Prime as well as an expert understanding of DoD business management. They have been incredibly responsive to our needs and always make the extra effort to educate us on the support they are providing instead of just making corrections in our ERP system."

Paul Kitchin, CEO, Atlas Executive Consulting

This is very exciting and a wee bit sad all at the same time…It’s exciting that we made it this far and we were successful…a huge burden has been lifted and the light at the end of the tunnel is shining really brightly(!!!)…but it’s a wee bit sad because we enjoyed working with everyone at SDL. You’re by far the best team I’ve worked with…very knowledgeable and accessible…you made it almost fun!

Gwen Smith, Controller, Business Technology and Solutions, Beavercreek, Ohio

"We are operating more efficiently…SDL has been amazing and we enjoy working with you…”

Diane Darling, Director of Client and Acquisition Management, Geneva Software, Inc

“Everyone from SDL was excellent…They are true professionals and down-to-earth people. We formed a working relationship that can be best described as a partnership. I firmly believe that they had Riverside’s best interests at hand at all times.”

Dave Junkins, JAMIS Implementation Project Manager, Riverside Research

“SDL Consulting represents what is exceptional when it comes to small business and has given us a level of effort above what we could have asked.”

Jeff Sawdey, Vice President, Sawdey Solution Services

"We couldn't have asked for a better consultant to lead us through this."

Joe Kuhlmann, CFO, Metis Solutions, LLC

“It was a pleasure working with your team. I would highly recommend you to other clients looking for a JAMIS implementor.”

Mike Suman, Vice President & CTO, Applied Training Solutions

"You and SDL do a wonderful job of explaining with clarity and patience."

Al Perez, President, Ariel Technologies

"I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for Jessica for her support of our DCAA audit this week. It was pretty grueling – I think we went about 4 hours without a break. Jessica was fantastic. Our auditors were not familiar with JAMIS, so that presented a little bit of a challenge, but Jessica was incredibly patient and knowledgeable throughout."

Craig Yantiss, President, the Probitas project

“Catherine, you have made this upgrade seamless. Thank you very much for all your help in the upgrade! We could not be happier and look forward to working with you more!!”

Lauren, Corps Solution

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for all the assistance you have given us in the past year. You and your team are excellent and we truly appreciate all that you have done for us.”

Jane Harre, Sonoma Tech

"Stephanie, thank you so much for all the help in everything. I find it amazing that you have so many hard-working staff and turn things around so quickly!"

Lina Gong, MBA, CFP®, Vice President of Finance and Administration

“Esther…I learned so much and you really provided quality information to make good decisions for the moment….watching you--and other SDL’ers--navigating JAMIS is a mesmerizing show in itself!”

Bryan LaVigne, Finance Director, Policy Research Associates

"I wanted to say how wonderful Nancy was to work with and I was super excited about her willingness to teach me new things on the call. Thank you!"

Bree Turner, CPA, Veros Technologies

"If someone asked me the silly question, “If you were stranded on a desert island what one thing would you bring with you?” My answer would be, “My SDL support team!” I couldn’t survive without you all!"

Christina Munson, Director of Finance, First Division Consulting, Inc